The whistle is the referee's best friend.  It is through the use of the whistle that an
official can control and exibit their individual style of people management during the

Whistles are made from either metal or plastic materials and are available in pea or
pea-less (the little cork ball inside).  The unwritten color standard for officials is black
always carry a back-up.

Its Official Sports offers a wide variety of whistles from the top 3 manufacturers -
Acme, Balilla, and Fox.
Traditional standard,
durability and best tone
Heavier, higher cost, effected by
cold weather and regular
cleaning required.
Light weight, economical
and the largest  variety of
colors, tones & pitches
Less durable (shorter-life) and
less resonance.
Produce the most variety
of tones and pitches
May be overblown, regular
cleaning required.
Lighter weight, no moving
parts to stick, penetrates
crowd noise and distance.
Mono-tone, less variety, higher
Our recommendation for the beginner of outdoor sports is the plastic whistle, one
of each - pea and pea-less.  For
indoor sports the recommendation is pea-less - two
different ones.  For
experienced officials we suggest both plastic and metal pea

Cleaning Tips
Pea-less whistles - a) soak in vinegar and water for a few hours or alternatively b)
with baking soda and water overnight.  

Baking soda gives the whistle a sweet clean taste.

Pea whistles (3 choices)
a) Soak in baking soda and water an hour or two before the match.  This will give
you a better sound by keeping the cork moist and clean.
b) Soak in vinegar and water for a few hours.
c) Drop in a pan of boiling water and baking soda for less than one minute.
Lanyard - Neck
The choice of officials for over 25 years
Whistle - Acme Thunderer Metal
Smallest, shrillest, most popular
Lanyard - Wrist
Preferred for keeping the whistle handy
Whistle - Fox Classic 40
Used by NBA and NFL Officials
Lanyard - Smitty
Attaches to the zipper of shirt or jersey, avoiding the risk of injury
Whistle - Balilla Arbiter
Hand-made, highest quality, high shrill, high pitch, maximum resonance
Whistle - Acme 559 Big Boy
Compression molded for maximum resonance (deep tone) and strenth